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Your storage needs:
You don’t have too many different products, but you distribute them in high volumes. You might well manufacture them yourself. The same SKUs are stored in groups of pallets prior to dispatch.

Our racking solution:
Double deep pallet rack stores two pallets deep in a single entry rack or four pallets deep in a double entry rack, allowing for rapid dispatch of large, single-SKU orders.
Double deep pallet rack improves storage density with fewer aisles and more storage locations.
Since direct access is only available for the front pallets, this system is recommended for products with more than one pallet per SKU.
This system requires suitable lifting machinery fitted with double-depth telescopic forks.
Double deep pallet rack has same structure as conventional selective pallet rack, just layout is different, so all racking parts are same.

1 Storage density increased as rack aisle ratio changes from selective racking.
2 50% immediate accessibility with reasonable stock rotation.
3 Good use of all available locations, typically above 90%.
4 The bottom beam is clear of the ground allowing the reach truck legs to pass under it.
5 Best used when each SKU has several pallets.


Related Products

For different warehouse layouts, we also provide similar products, including Conventional Pallet Rack, VNA Pallet Rack, and Drive In Rack. For US market, we supply US style Teardrop Pallet Rack, also known as Rivet Pallet Rack.

Production Management and Services


1. Quality Management Process is standardized, quantified, and traceable.
2. Raw materials suppliers are selected prudently. Selected Q235 rolled steel strips are tested and the physical properties must meet our internal standards.
3. The raw material thickness must fall within the specified tolerance.
4. The samples of each batch of raw materials are kept for 5 years for quality traceability.
5. Each batch of raw material is tested for tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation at break. Test reports are kept in our QA system and traceable. Batch sampling rate has rosen from 50% to 100%.
6. Only experienced workers and operators are employed, followed by our internal professional training.
7. Each process of production is guided and instructed by our technical department.
8. QA is incorporated into each and every production process. Only qualified products will flow into the next process.
9. The maximum load of each type of our standardized products is tested, complemented with random sample load test for finished products.
10. Load test for non-standardized products is carried out for each batch.


We provide standard packaging and small bundle retail packaging, as requested.

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iRacking provides you a complete design matching your needs free of charge.