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Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Rack


Your storage needs:
You require greater storage density, your orders are complex and varied. Turnaround times are not critical, however you require immediate access to all products. Space in your facility is at a premium, so you’re keen to get the most from what you’ve got.

Our racking solution:
Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Rack, as the name suggests, makes optimal use of floor ares and roof height. The racking provides a substantial increase in storage volume, as they operate in even narrower aisles(from 1,500 to 2,000mm), optimising the space and increasing the storage area.

Direct access to every pallet is achieved. VNA Rack System is serviced by special forklift trucks.The mast of the fork head rotates either left or right as required. The system can also be served by fork lifts with elevating operator cabins where the operator hand picks.
Very flat floors, close tolerance racking, carefully located pallets of uniform size and stock locationg systems are all prerequisites for successful narrow aisle systems.
Floor guidance in the aisles is mandatory and the design interface between every aspect of their system is needed.

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For different warehouse layouts, we also provide similar products, including Conventional Pallet Rack, Double Deep Pallet Rack, and Drive In Rack. For US market, we supply US style Teardrop Pallet Rack, also known as Rivet Pallet Rack.

1 Storage density increased because of very narrow aisles.
2 Direct access to any stored pallet.
2 Floor mounted free roaming trucks are flexible in multi-aisles.
3 High speed trough put with specialised equipment.
4 Controlled materials handling provides safe and damage free environment.
5 Hard wearing and very flat floor desinged for heavy loads are needed.
6 High average locations used 95%, for 100% accessibility, good stock rotation and 50% floor utilistation with high cube available.

Why 正规买球App排行 Narrow Asile Rack?
1 Only high-quality RAW STEEL, by largest steel factories in China, is used for our racking products.
2 With large scale production, we are in a good position to lower product costs without compromising quality.
3 A wide range of different racking types are offered to suit different storage needs.
4 We provide free but expert advice & proposed racking solutions for your kind reference.
5 Quick delivery. Within 25 days for ordinary order quantity.

The Vital Statistics: (Average Floor Area by Pallet Position - 0.45 m2)

Average locations used 95%
Immediate accessibility 100%
Stock Rotation - Good 80%

iRacking VNA Pallet Rack Project Video filmed by client

Production Management and Services


1. Quality Management Process is standardized, quantified, and traceable. 2. Raw materials suppliers are selected prudently. Selected Q235 rolled steel strips are tested and the physical properties must meet our internal standards.
3. The raw material thickness must fall within the specified tolerance.
4. The samples of each batch of raw materials are kept for 5 years for quality traceability.
5. Each batch of raw material is tested for tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation at break. Test reports are kept in our QA system and traceable. Batch sampling rate has rosen from 50% to 100%.
6. Only experienced workers and operators are employed, followed by our internal professional training.
7. Each process of production is guided and instructed by our technical department.
8. QA is incorporated into each and every production process. Only qualified products will flow into the next process.
9. The maximum load of each type of our standardized products is tested, complemented with random sample load test for finished products.
10. Load test for non-standardized products is carried out for each batch.


We provide standard packaging and small bundle retail packaging, as requested.


The design is an essential part of the process.

iRacking provides you a complete design matching your needs free of charge.